Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Game Reviews

By Sandor Hugert

This game for XBOX 360 was okay but I had higher expectations for it. A month before the game’s release I couldn’t stop playing the demo of the game with my friend, but somehow the game just didn’t deliver once I bought it. The demo had one full city in it while the whole game just added two more cities. The sad thing was that the best city was the one in the demo (Los Muertos). The other two cities: The Volk and Shai-Gen. The Volk was just weird considering that in the whole city construction was taking place. Shai-Gen was sort of cool, but it was just annoying to get the Agility Orbs considering that every building in the city was a skyscraper. By far the most exciting part of the game was collecting Agility Orbs considering that the more you get, the better your jumping skills will be. The cooperative part of the game was also quite fun, but I just wish that they had up to four player cooperative play since then more of my friends could have played. The missions in the game very quite dull since each mission’s goal was to just take down the boss any way you can. The graphics were fine but not quite up-to-date with other games such as Gears of War. The game also got quite boring after a while since there was really nothing to make you want to keep playing. I must say though that the ending was unexpected which I’ll give credit for in my overall rating, I won’t tell you the ending cause I don’t want to ruin the game for you. I hope that the game makers will fix all these little problems and make an awesome sequel because I truly think that it’s possible to make this game a lot better.

Score: 7 out of 10

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