Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Game Reviews

Resistance: Fall of Man
By Sandor Hugert

This game for Playstation 3 was absolutely amazing. It was probably one of the best games ever made. The graphics were really good and the game play was really cool. The story actually made sense, which hardly ever happens in my opinion. This has to be one of the best launch games ever for any console. The guns used in the game were so cool since they even had guns that shot through walls and some other cool stuff like that. You even got to drive in some unique futuristic vehicles. The graphics had to be some of the best graphics I’ve seen in any video game. I really hope that they make a sequel to this outstanding game. It was also so cool how you got to play in all types of weather conditions: snow, rain, and obviously sunshine. The online feature of the game was also sort of cool even though there have been way better online games made before for death match game play. It was still a nice feature to just have online game play for a launch title.

Score: 9 out of 10

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