Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Great Bands

One of the Best Bands Ever
Guns n’ Roses
By Sandor Hugert

Guns n’ Roses is probably one of the best bands if you like hard rock. Axl Rose did a great job of being the vocalist as he added an extra little something to each song just with his voice. The drummer and the guitarists were all outstanding. Obviously one of the best guitarists of our time, Slash, did an awesome job in this band just like he did in Slash’s Snakepit and now in Velvet Revolver. In my opinion, Slash is probably the best guitarist in the world. They had four outstanding albums with Use Your Illusion 1 probably being the best with great songs such as “Don’t Cry”, “November Rain”, and “Live and Let Die”. Their most popular song that is “Welcome to the Jungle” is found on the Appetite for Destruction album. It’s really too bad that they had to split up and form new bands that are also good, but it will never be the same as Guns n’ Roses. If you have some time on your hands then definitely download songs from this band or just purchase their awesome albums, you will not be disappointed with doing either of those.

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