Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Movie Reviews

By Sandor Hugert

I was extremely surprised with this movie. I just thought that this movie would be a total rip off of The Bourne Identity, but I was totally wrong. The story line of the movie was extremely good, and the action was very intense. Mark Wahlberg did an awesome job as the main character in the movie. I’m very surprised that this movie didn’t do too well in the box office because this movie totally deserves a sequel. Both the story and the action were actually better in this movie than the Bourne movies, but I’m sure that The Bourne Ultimatum might change that. The sniper scenes in the movie were very well done. There were some really cool twists in the story line that made the movie so much better since you really don’t expect these twists at all. There were times when the movie was bit too unbelievable on how the main character survived everything, but it was still an extremely cool movie, and definitely worth at least a rent.

Score: 9 out of 10

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