Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Game Reviews

Mario Party 8
By Sandor Hugert

This new game for the Wii doesn’t disappoint, surprisingly. The mini games are still really fun even after this being the 8th game is this long franchise where I taught that no sequel could beat the original Mario Party. This game actually does beat it, mainly due to the cool new controllers that the Wii came up with. It doubles the amount of fun to be had in these party games. You obviously need at least one other friend to have some fun with this game considering it is a board game. If you have a four-player party then you’ll have even more fun in this game. This is where the main flaw comes into place, which is that there is no online play in this game. Nintendo promised us that there would be a lot of online games for the Wii. They haven’t released one online game yet, so that is very disappointing on Nintendo’s part. Overall though, this is a very fun game and is a must have for your Wii collection.

Score: 8 out of 10

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